Office Design Trends for 2019

office design trends

Today, the design of your workplace plays an integral role in your business’ success. New technology parallel to new office design trends is being implemented with each passing year. This constant change brings fresh ideas and new design opportunities for your office or commercial space.

New office design trends are created by experimenting and innovating new concepts and ideas. Workplace designing have had many innovative trends that were popular in 2018. The office design trends for 2019 only seem to grow with its strong base ideas exponentially.

Here are some inspiring office design trends for 2019.  

Macro Trends

For the coming year, macro trends include a ‘physical-experience-space’ which means there are spaces that focus on physical amenities like meditation, wall climbing, acupressure walks, espresso bars, etc. This trend focuses on improving and enhancing workplace experiences for interns and executives alike. Other than these experience-driven spaces, macro trends also include some co-working space features like multi-purpose meeting areas, light and mobile furniture, portable green walls, indoor houseplants and greenery in almost all niches, trendy privacy screen designs, etc.

Macro trends also include vertical gardens and moss walls in all corridors and empty walls. This idea has been popularly implemented in 2018. How do you take this further? Don’t limit yourself to just walls! You could also have green branding cues where your brand logo can be embossed on various materials like teak wood along with living or moss walls and vertical gardens.

Using exposed wood in furniture is another macro trend that will be taken forward in 2019. Exploring other material options are like the perfect match in creating multifunctional furniture, collapsible furniture, and portable partitions.

Old Meets New

office design trends

The trend that once fell out of favour has now been resurrected into popularity. Some designers specialize in breathing life into old-fashioned furniture with carvings of a long-vanished era of trends. ‘Old meets New’ is a promising trend that combines rough, exposed aesthetic materials with cutting-edge technology. This trend includes combinations of these features:

  • Weathered and antique textures
  • Old world craftsmanship like carvings
  • Glass and metals instead of dead wall partitions
  • Modern furniture with antique materials

Abstract Patterns

Plain, old, single-solid colors are now long gone. Abstract geometric forms and evocative patterns have barged into workstation walls, lobbies, hallways, conference rooms, and even restrooms of offices globally. Abstract design patterns encroach design structures like the ceiling, flooring, beams, etc. created with materials like veneer, metal frames, marble, ceramic tiles, etc. Abstract patterns could form illustrated artworks as well.

office design trends

The image is an example of how abstract geometric shapes along with different materials are being used to create interesting designs on a dead wall of an office space.

If you wish to implement any of these office design trends in your workplace or you have preferences other than the ones mentioned above, you can get in touch with Motivo Design. We suggest and provide trendy space planning ideas, lighting layouts, material selection with sourcing, and many other commercial designing services.

What to look for in a residential designer

You may dream of buying and remodelling your new home with the modernist features or have a complete makeover to your existing home. You may comprehensively research about all of the latest furniture ideas, trendy interior materials, and of course inspirational interior designs. But have you considered the right person to do the job?

Redesigning and remodelling your house can be overwhelming when it comes to envisioning the various steps involved in residential designing and interior decorating. The first essential step is to find the best residential designer. Residential designers and architects bring imaginations and design ideas into virtual and physical reality.

These are some things you need to consider while choosing the right residential designer.

Website Listings

You need to search online sources to contact and discover residential designers depending on the kind of services they provide. You could browse through a web directory of designers and architects to discover your designer. The website listings will suggest you qualified and experienced designers to contact and work with. The listings provide you with complete addresses of the residential designer office, their official website, their registration number with the government, and a preview of their projects.

Ratings and Reviews

Check for reviews from the designer’s existing customers. Reading them will give you insights about the customer’s experience with the designer. Good and excellent reviews suggest the designer has finished the project with the client’s complete satisfaction. You also understand the design techniques the designer has used in creating blueprints and drafting plans according to client’s specifications. Choosing a designer with good ratings is essential as they will maintain the same excellence with your interior project as well.

Design Approach

Every residential designer has different methods of approaching their designs ideas and drafting plans. Each designer follows a specific style and theme in their projects. Once you have researched and decided the style and theme you wish to have in your interior decor, you can browse through designers that used the same style in their project. If the design approach of the interior designer matches to yours, it becomes easier for the designer to start the home redecoration process with space planning. Also, ensure you have chosen an ‘independent’ designer for your project. Independent designers have their contractors and labourers through which you don’t need to search for a contractor to collaborate with your designer separately.

Experience and Specialization

Your project is going to provide an opportunity for interior designers to provide unique customized outcomes. Choose experienced residential designers to work on your project as they have tested and proposed designs using various modern materials and techniques. Experienced designers maintain parameters and standards in all their projects developing a unique specialized design service that they excel in.

The final stage of your selection process could be communicating with your selected set of designers. Consider Motivo Design to be one of your chosen residential designers. You can get in touch with us for more information on home renovations.

How Can You Make Your Medical Practice More Inviting?

Doctors work long shifts where they barely find any time for breaks. Even if they do have a moment to spare, they rest in poorly designed call rooms on a stiff mattress. Such bad design has raised concerns among several medical professionals.

Now, just imagine the effects of being in such an atmosphere on patients that are going through prolonged treatments for life-threatening disorders and also on their family members.

We all know that it’s impossible to take away all the pain and suffering but we can at least build a relaxing atmosphere for the patients. A colourful and attractive medical practice design can help the patient feel a little better. For starters, choose a colour scheme or a theme for your clinic or hospital. Along with the theme, you can follow these tips to make your medical practice more inviting.

A Dope Lobby

Your lobby creates the first impression of your medical practice. You should have an organized lobby with a spacious layout for reception and seating area. Plus, add some colours to your walls, and place some potted plants in every other corner to send out a “welcome-vibe.” And, you can install a circular reception desk where the receptionists can address multiple patients and doctors at once.

A Chilled Out Waiting Room

One of the most important aspects of medical practice design is your waiting room. Your waiting room needs comfortable chairs, updated magazines and newspapers, charging slots and chargers along with a space-friendly layout. And, you can improve the patients’ waiting experience by providing free WiFi, installing a TV, and placing some massage chairs. Also, hang some artworks on the walls which artsy patients can admire while they wait.

An Awesome Doctor’s Room

An awesome doctor’s room can leave a positive impact on the patient. Comfortable chairs and beds should be your first priority when you consider designing your doctor’s room. Your doctor’s room should have positive health charts that display information about having a good diet, exercising regularly, statistics about good health, and many more. Again, a combination of bright colours and potted plants can lighten the mood of the doctor and the patients.

An Amazing Parking Space

A major issue many patients might face is limited parking space. And, for patients with disabilities, it’s a necessity to travel by cars. So, plan for a sufficient parking space with handicap spots outside your clinic.

If you want to renovate your medical practice or you are planning to create a more inviting space for your patients, reach out to us.We have experienced designers who have the expertise to design the perfect medical practice for you.

5 Common Questions about Commercial Renovation

Does your brain nag ‘budget-budget’ when you think of renovations? But, you know what? A renovation is actually an upgrade! So, if you are finding your office to be stuffy and messed up, rethink your options of settling with an older version of your office.

Commercial renovations reshape and customize your commercial workspace to make it look more appealing and comfortable. Because that’s where your company staff will be spending most of their time working.

People often have a lot of questions before starting a project especially if it is an expensive one. So, if you have some questions about commercial renovations, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions.

How long will it take?

Hands down, this is the most frequently asked question who are considering a commercial renovation for their office.Poor planning is the culprit to extra costs, rushed work, and extra adjustments. This can simply be avoided by hiring dope architects who commit to professional work deliverance.

When you conduct cost estimation meetings with architects and designers after they have completed the site visit process of your office, you will receive specific predicted deadlines of the project completion.

If you suggest a few changes in the blueprints and floor plans of the renovation model, it may consume more or less time in delivering the final output. As a result, the deadline may be delayed, or the work may be done rather quickly than the estimated time.

So basically, more the changes the longer it takes to finish!

2. How much will it cost me?

The cost of your commercial renovation would depend on what aspects of your office are you considering to change. For instance, a conference room remodelling would cost more than the flooring reconstruction work in the pantry.

Material choice can vary the costs to a considerable extent. Ask the architects and designers for specifications what kind of materials will be chosen for the construction purposes. Sometimes there are alternatives available for a particular material that is expensive.

3. Do I need to be concerned about zoning laws?

Before you begin with any renovation projects, understand the architectural laws of the area where your commercial workplace is located. Various zoning codes have different specifications, especially in industrial areas.

Be aware of building permits that you might need to get in order to start a renovation of your office. In B2B centers, permissions are necessary to avoid disturbances and inconvenience to neighbouring offices.

4. What exactly can I renovate in my office?

There are many interior aspects that you can think of changing. You can remodel the space by space planning renovation. You can change furniture, renovate the walls and ceiling for light fixtures, design cabinets in the pantry, and even break down partition walls and change a room into a conference room.

5. Does a coworking space need renovations?

This is a tricky one. But ideally, coworking spaces are collaborative spaces for entrepreneurs, freelancers, small business owners, etc. from various fields of expertise. Space needs to be inviting to all! Think about the convenience for coworkers and renovate accordingly. Like, have a library! Shortage of space? Have bookshelves! Have more coffee tables and seatings, comfortable lighting, etc. There are multiple things you can include and do away with while renovating a coworking space.

6.More questions about commercial renovations?

Consult an interior designer
 that could reimagine how your office could be more appealing and inviting to your employees as well as for your clients.