Custom Furniture

Complete Custom Furniture Services

At Motivo design, we can make any vision come to life. No custom furniture request is too big, or too small for our team of experts. Every piece in your home is a testament to your personal expression and your home. Our custom furniture design offers a journey which begins by creating your design to producing a finalized unique piece, carefully crafted y our skilled team. Whether you are looking to modify an existing article or to develop unique and personalized furniture based on your concept, we will walk you through the details every step of the way.

Here is what you can expect from our customized furniture process

Phase 1: Design Meeting
During the initial stage, we will schedule a meeting to understand your concept, objectives and vision better to create a roadmap for your needs. During this phase, details such as size, style, material, colours and more. These are extremely beneficial, as it helps you discover your preferences and outlines our roadmap.

Phase 2: Confirmation
Once we have gathered the necessary information and concept, you will receive a blueprint as to what you can expect. This includes estimates, drafts, dimensions and timelines. Once you have approved the evolution of your custom furniture outline, we move on to getting the construction process started.

Phase 3: Completion
Our team will seek out the best quality suitable for your custom furniture. Ranging from the material to the traditional tools and equipment, we take pride in highlighting our craftsmanship in every detail of your unique piece.

Looking for a custom piece? Contact our team today to learn more about your options.