How Can You Make Your Medical Practice More Inviting?

Doctors work long shifts where they barely find any time for breaks. Even if they do have a moment to spare, they rest in poorly designed call rooms on a stiff mattress. Such bad design has raised concerns among several medical professionals.

Now, just imagine the effects of being in such an atmosphere on patients that are going through prolonged treatments for life-threatening disorders and also on their family members.

We all know that it’s impossible to take away all the pain and suffering but we can at least build a relaxing atmosphere for the patients. A colourful and attractive medical practice design can help the patient feel a little better. For starters, choose a colour scheme or a theme for your clinic or hospital. Along with the theme, you can follow these tips to make your medical practice more inviting.

A Dope Lobby

Your lobby creates the first impression of your medical practice. You should have an organized lobby with a spacious layout for reception and seating area. Plus, add some colours to your walls, and place some potted plants in every other corner to send out a “welcome-vibe.” And, you can install a circular reception desk where the receptionists can address multiple patients and doctors at once.

A Chilled Out Waiting Room

One of the most important aspects of medical practice design is your waiting room. Your waiting room needs comfortable chairs, updated magazines and newspapers, charging slots and chargers along with a space-friendly layout. And, you can improve the patients’ waiting experience by providing free WiFi, installing a TV, and placing some massage chairs. Also, hang some artworks on the walls which artsy patients can admire while they wait.

An Awesome Doctor’s Room

An awesome doctor’s room can leave a positive impact on the patient. Comfortable chairs and beds should be your first priority when you consider designing your doctor’s room. Your doctor’s room should have positive health charts that display information about having a good diet, exercising regularly, statistics about good health, and many more. Again, a combination of bright colours and potted plants can lighten the mood of the doctor and the patients.

An Amazing Parking Space

A major issue many patients might face is limited parking space. And, for patients with disabilities, it’s a necessity to travel by cars. So, plan for a sufficient parking space with handicap spots outside your clinic.

If you want to renovate your medical practice or you are planning to create a more inviting space for your patients, reach out to us.We have experienced designers who have the expertise to design the perfect medical practice for you.

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