Office Design Trends for 2019

Today, the design of your workplace plays an integral role in your business’ success. New technology parallel to new office design trends is being implemented with each passing year. This constant change brings fresh ideas and new design opportunities for your office or commercial space.

New office design trends are created by experimenting and innovating new concepts and ideas. Workplace designing have had many innovative trends that were popular in 2018. The office design trends for 2019 only seem to grow with its strong base ideas exponentially.

Here are some inspiring office design trends for 2019.  

Macro Trends

For the coming year, macro trends include a ‘physical-experience-space’ which means there are spaces that focus on physical amenities like meditation, wall climbing, acupressure walks, espresso bars, etc. This trend focuses on improving and enhancing workplace experiences for interns and executives alike. Other than these experience-driven spaces, macro trends also include some co-working space features like multi-purpose meeting areas, light and mobile furniture, portable green walls, indoor houseplants and greenery in almost all niches, trendy privacy screen designs, etc.

Macro trends also include vertical gardens and moss walls in all corridors and empty walls. This idea has been popularly implemented in 2018. How do you take this further? Don’t limit yourself to just walls! You could also have green branding cues where your brand logo can be embossed on various materials like teak wood along with living or moss walls and vertical gardens.

Using exposed wood in furniture is another macro trend that will be taken forward in 2019. Exploring other material options are like the perfect match in creating multifunctional furniture, collapsible furniture, and portable partitions.

Old Meets New

office design trends

The trend that once fell out of favour has now been resurrected into popularity. Some designers specialize in breathing life into old-fashioned furniture with carvings of a long-vanished era of trends. ‘Old meets New’ is a promising trend that combines rough, exposed aesthetic materials with cutting-edge technology. This trend includes combinations of these features:

  • Weathered and antique textures
  • Old world craftsmanship like carvings
  • Glass and metals instead of dead wall partitions
  • Modern furniture with antique materials

Abstract Patterns

Plain, old, single-solid colors are now long gone. Abstract geometric forms and evocative patterns have barged into workstation walls, lobbies, hallways, conference rooms, and even restrooms of offices globally. Abstract design patterns encroach design structures like the ceiling, flooring, beams, etc. created with materials like veneer, metal frames, marble, ceramic tiles, etc. Abstract patterns could form illustrated artworks as well.

office design trends

The image is an example of how abstract geometric shapes along with different materials are being used to create interesting designs on a dead wall of an office space.

If you wish to implement any of these office design trends in your workplace or you have preferences other than the ones mentioned above, you can get in touch with Motivo Design. We suggest and provide trendy space planning ideas, lighting layouts, material selection with sourcing, and many other commercial designing services.

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