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About Me

Diala Husin

Great Attention to Detail

I'm innovate and Bring New Possibilities in the Interior Design of Each House

My approach to renovation consists of harnessing a property’s potential, and building on its strength and features whilst optimizing the space in order to deliver beautiful interiors. With hard work, rigor and careful selection of builders and contractors, our projects continue to multiply. My objective is to work with spaces to create modern practical interiors, whilst aiming to increase the value of the property. This is what sets Motivo Design apart from other designers.

Award Winner Interior Designer

Hi, My Name Is Diala Husin

I Am Specialized in the Management of Interior Design & Furniture Projects

I am  an interior designer and decorator in St Albert who specializes in small to high end residential and commercial projects.

My fascination with beautiful surroundings began at a very young age with a tasteful mom, a beautiful home, and the serene and beautiful universes her imagination would allow her to create.

I draw inspiration from the cities she lived in, and the many places and faces I had the chance  to visit along the way. Paris, Dubai, Jeddah, Nice, Mexico, Damascus, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Montreal, and Edmonton have inspired my educational design background and provided me with endless opportunities to build my unique design aesthetic.

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