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Our mission is to accompany our clients by managing and overseeing each step of the process in order to deliver services tailored to suit each project.

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About Me

I am an interior designer and decorator in St Albert who specializes in small to high end residential and commercial projects.

A multicultural artist with a perfectionistic hand gesture that allies traditional savoir-faire with leading edge technology.

My fascination with beautiful surroundings began at a very young age with a tasteful mom, a beautiful home, and the serene and beautiful universes my imagination would allow me to create.

I draw inspiration from the cities I lived in, and the many places and faces i have come to visit along the way. Paris, Dubai, Jeddah, Nice, Mexico, Damascus, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Montreal, and Edmonton have inspired my educational design background and provided me with endless opportunities to build my unique design aesthetic.

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What I Do


Interior Design

Furniture, textiles, artwork and decorative accents are the language of each client’s personal style and create comfort and individuality.

A plush carpet, a love-at-first-sight painting acquired during one’s travels, a sentimental vase passed on from generation to generation, a fashion scarf turned into an accent pillow, all create a home layered in comfort, style and practical everyday living.

Design & Build

Our interior design projects are expertly planned, well-thought out, respond to all of your needs and desires in terms of both style and functionality, are upscale, modern, efficient, turnkey, respectful of the environment, and allow you to live luxuriously and gracefully. We also offer a wide array of interior design services to meet all of your needs.


Offering a single source procurement approach allows our clients to get the benefit of our expertise and extensive list of suppliers with integration into the design process. Passing off the procurement process allows us to truly provide a full service turn key process.

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Are you looking to build a new home? Renovate your house, kitchen or bathroom? Refit your home? Convert your duplex into a single-family home? Whatever your project, our interior design team works closely with you to achieve success.

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Because I believe that a living space must reflect the personality of its occupants, my approach is focused on the comfort and lifestyle of my customers. To do this, I remain attentive to your needs and desires and I involve you in every stage of the design of your project.

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